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Dog Walk                           $26

Dog Walk


We understand the need of a very fun and entertaining walking session that a dog needs. Based on that we not only take your pooch for a regular walk, but we also make sure they play, socialize, obey to basic commands and exercise. Just the way a person that loves spending time with them would do!

We will spend one full hour at the dog park or dog beach. Our price includes pick up and drop off. Most of our dogs are taken to a walk in groups of 4, but if your best friend has special requirements do not hesitate in contacting us.

Pet Minding

$26 per day

Pet Minding                     $26 per day

It's really hard to leave the one we love behind when we go away... And we understand that.

We proudly offer a minding service full of love and care for your best mate when you are away. Normally Pets do feel lonely and scared when their owners are away, and for some of them kennels and enclosures are highly traumatic (imagine to be locked up in a small room away from your family for a period of time?)...

Pet Solution can look after them and keep them company while you are away, at the comfort and safety of your own home. We will feed them, clean after them and walk them at the park for one hour. If your best mate is not a dog, but a cat or a rabbit we can include brushing time, play time and obviously cuddles... lots of cuddles!!!!

We can also collect mail, take the rubbish bin out, water the plants and switch lights on and off. We can add extra visits per day as necessary. Contact us to let your furry friend be well looked after and have a good and relaxing time while you are away!

*GST not included.

     my Milo enjoys being with them!     

"Hi Daniel,
Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did looking after Milo for us whilst we were away. It is a hard thing leaving your pet, specially for the first time and you treated him like your own and spoilt him as well! Thank you for the updates you sent us and the extras you did that we did not expect....We will defiantly use Pet Solution again... see you at the dog park.

Karen, Milo’s Mom